Get Solar AI Camera Trailer including all hardware, software and unlimited data for $1,500 as a Monthly Rental.

Solar Security Camera

Step into the future of portable surveillance system with Solar Camera’s AI-powered software. Offering real-time smart alerts, centralized monitoring, and search features all in an easy-to-use dashboard, it’s designed to keep you in control at all times. Experience next-level artificial intelligence that truly sets Solar Camera apart.

Next-Level Artificial Intelligence

Welcome to the future of surveillance with our next-level artificial intelligence capabilities. By leveraging AI, Solar Camera enhances precision, minimizes false alarms, and optimizes security operations. Our system intelligently analyzes patterns, recognizes faces and vehicles, and delivers real-time alerts, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and peace of mind.

Live Monitoring Your Assets

Embrace the power of real-time surveillance with our Live Monitoring feature. Monitor your property, equipment, or any valuable assets directly from your dashboard, anytime, anywhere. Stay informed and secure with Solar AI Camera. 1) Alarm Activated 2) Monitoring Center Notified 3) Remote Access to Live/Recorded video 4) Talk to criminal 5) Dispatch or call 911
We are your Virtual Security. Guard

Search People by Face, Color of Clothing

Our advanced AI-powered software enables you to search for individuals based on face recognition and clothing color. Whether you’re looking for a specific person or identifying suspicious activity, this feature provides the exactness you need.

Search Vehicle by Color, Brand, Type and License Plate Recognition

Harness the ability to search for vehicles by color, brand, type, or even license plate numbers. This feature is perfect for monitoring parking lots, tracking specific vehicles, or investigating incidents. Our system provides comprehensive vehicle analytics at your fingertips.

Smart Alerts of People and Vehicles

Stay alert with our Smart Alerts feature. Receive immediate notifications when our AI detects people or vehicles in areas of interest. By delivering alerts directly to your device, we ensure you’re always one step ahead.

30 Days Cloud Event Recording

With our 30-day cloud event recording, you’ll never miss an incident. The system automatically saves and stores all event recordings for 30 days, providing you with ample time to review and retrieve crucial footage when needed.

The Smart Surveillance

Step into the future of security with our Solar Camera. From intelligent search functions on People and Cars, instant video clip sharing on email, text message and download into your computer, our software to fast charging and weather-resistant design in our hardware, we've got you covered. Experience surveillance that's not just about watching, but understanding and responding effectively.

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Monitor, Alert, Protect
With your Solar-Powered Guardian.

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