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Portable Surveillance System

Portable AI Solar Surveillance Camera

Do you need a solution for a security and surveillance system that bypasses any trespassers and is also convenient for you to take with you anywhere ? If yes, then you are at the right place. At , we aim at providing the best in class portable surveillance system, the one that bypasses all others and is extremely easy to carry or transfer. No matter where you are or if you need temporary spying in remote areas, our state-of-the-art equipment enables you to keep an eye on and secure your priceless assets.

Why are we the best ?

There are several factors which contribute to making our portable security system with wide angle security camera the best. Let us look at them one by one –

  1. Compact – As our camera is engineered keeping its ease of portability in mind, the design of our camera systems is extremely compact in nature. Due to this compactness, mobility becomes quite easy. Also, owing to the lightweight body of the equipment, its transport and deployability in action becomes extremely feasible and hassle-free.
  2. High Definition Imaging – Our remote camera monitoring systems are dedicatedly designed to provide the best HD experience to the clients. The lenses used in the process are integrated in a way that allows our designs to be compact and still not affect the picture quality in any way. Thus, once you get these cameras installed, you can monitor each minor detail that you want during your surveillance cycle.
  3. Night Vision – Our portable security system not just aims at providing the best HD experience, but is also well-equipped and engineered to provide the best images with utmost clarity during night. With our ever-evolving technology, the inception of night vision cameras has enriched our experiences by allowing us to ensure safety of our property mainly at night. You can track even in low light thanks to our portable surveillance system’s  night-time vision features, so you can relax.
  4. Wireless Connectivity – The main hassle that anyone faces while getting any piece of equipment transferred is the collection of the entire wiring systems. As most of the wires are already embedded in the concrete structures during construction itself, they might not be visible on the outside. But many times the wires get tangled which makes the equipment portability quite difficult  and time-consuming. Thus, we have ensured that using our product gets you out of the web of wires.
  5. Power backup – Power backup is the first thing that any remote camera monitoring system needs. Our cameras are highly equipped with reliable batteries that ensure the cameras run even when there’s no power. This is one of the most important security benefits that comes with our products.
  6. Motion Sensors – The motion sensors installed within the system ensure that not a single motion – be it major or minor, goes unnoticed. Alarms are triggered even when a small breach is detected in the surveillance areas.


If you want to ensure the safety and security of your houses and offices, and need to shift from one place to another, you must visit our store to identify the best portable security system.

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