Get Solar AI Camera Trailer including all hardware, software and unlimited data for $1,500 as a Monthly Rental.

Solar Security Cameras for Shopping Mall Parking Lot

10% of crimes are in Parking Lot
Ensure Parking Lot Security with

Solar-Powered AI Camera

Safeguarding Parking Lots and Rental Car Fleets with solar Cameras

Don’t let theft and vandalism put your business at risk. Our solar-powered AI camera systems provide comprehensive surveillance, deterring criminals and safeguarding your valuable inventory.

Car Theft on the Rise

Car thefts impacting businesses

Its Impacts you

Car thefts have increased by 4% annually across the U.S., impacting businesses with fewer resources to protect their fleet.

Vandalism Concerns

Vandalism costs up to $15 billion annually in the U.S

Its Impacts you

Vandalism costs up to $15 billion annually in the U.S., leading to expensive repairs for property damage.

Preventing Stolen Parts

The black market for stolen vehicle parts has surged

Its Impacts you

The black market for stolen vehicle parts has surged, making car rental lots an attractive target for thieves.

Theft remain the most prevalent crimes in car lots

In 2020, there was a significant surge in car thefts, with reports indicating a staggering increase of up to 53%.

By implementing video surveillance monitoring, you can deter criminals successfully in 97% of cases, significantly reducing the risk of theft and vandalism.

Ensure the safety of your rental lots by leveraging the power of video surveillance monitoring.

Managed surveillance solutions provide a valuable peace-of-mind

by offering comprehensive security measures. Simply relying on security cameras is not enough; thorough video surveillance monitoring is necessary to effectively prevent thieves from stealing your customers’ vehicles.

Protect property after hours, maintain customer experience with managed surveillance solutions.

Proactively deter criminals with audio and visual deterrents, preventing potential criminal activity.

Enhance rental lot security, create a safer environment for customers and their vehicles.

Video Monitoring Neutralizes Risk

Top 10 Stolen Vehicles in the United States

It is important to note that the most stolen vehicles in the U.S. include popular models like the Honda Civic, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry, Nissan Altima, Chevrolet Impala, and Toyota Corolla, as well as large multi-passenger vehicles like the Jeep Grand Cherokee and pick-up trucks made by Ford, Dodge, or Chevrolet. 

Prevent car theft with the powerful deterrence of video surveillance monitoring.

Not All Video Surveillance Systems Are Equal

While perimeter security is crucial, it alone is insufficient to ensure the comprehensive protection of your customers and property. Our comprehensive security solution offers a full suite of advanced security cameras and remote video monitoring options, covering your entire car lot.

Deter the Most Likely Offenders

Car theft rates in the United States exceed those of any other country. Don’t let your customers lose their vehicles from your facility.

Security & Remote Surveillance

for Passenger Car Rental Lots

Video Analysis

Identify, evaluate, and escalate threats automatically with the help of artificial intelligence

Video Monitoring

Monitor security video continuously to prevent theft before it occurs 97% of the time

Audio and Video

Equip car rental lots with audible and visual deterrents - on new or existing equipment

Include video monitoring services in your rental car lot’s security solution to deter theft and vandalism. 

Solar Camera's Advanced Surveillance Solutions

Empowering rental car lots with comprehensive security options, bridging security gaps.

AI-powered Surveillance

Identify threats, notify authorities as needed.

Audible Warning System

Alert intruders, contact authorities instantly.

Camera Health Monitoring

Detect issues, analyze trends, and provide alerts.

Dedicated Mobile App

Access monitoring stats, live feeds, and control settings.

Smart Search Capabilities

Quickly find footage based on keywords.

Cloud-Based Surveillance

Secure data access, minimize storage limitations.

Visual Deterrents

Activate bright lights to deter intruders effectively.

Machine Learning Integration

Enhance security accuracy with intelligent video analysis.

Virtual Guard Support

Utilize remote personnel to review AI triggers.

Fast and Efficient Remote Surveillance

Our AI-powered video surveillance relies on machine learning analysis to rapidly detect, deter, and dispatch authorities when needed.

Quick Threat Detection

Machine learning analysis identifies and flags unusual activity, notifying security personnel in real-time.

Deterrence Measures

Upon verification by virtual guards, audio and visual deterrents are activated to deter potential threats.

Swift Dispatch

In urgent situations, our virtual guards promptly dispatch 911 authorities, ensuring a rapid response to any security incidents.

With remote video monitoring, threats can be identified, verified, and reported to authorities in under two minutes. Choose video surveillance as a complement to your security solution.

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