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Wide Angle Security Camera

Wide Angle AI Solar Security Camera

A cutting-edge highly efficient live security camera has become an essentiality nowadays not just for maintaining the business’s security and surveillance, but also for domestic or household security or any other large outdoor area in general. So, in the article below you will learn why the wide angle security cameras from are more efficient and compatible as compared to anything else.

Advantages of installing wide angle security cameras

  1. Wider view – As the name suggests, our wide angle security cameras have a huge range of coverage. Apart from providing a 360 degree extensive point of view, these cameras also eliminate any blind spots, thus giving you a panoramic view of your premise.
  2. Image Quality – Our cameras use extremely high-resolution lenses, due to which, the image quality that you get to see is as good as monitoring the entire activity with your own eyes.
  3. Time and Weather Resistant – Unlike most live security cameras, our live camera viewers are not just resistant to tough weather conditions, but are also conditioned in a way that they are time resistant, i.e., it records a stunning quality of view both at day and at night. Our cameras are designed in a way that they are capable of withstanding any extreme weather conditions like heavy rainfall and harsh summers.
  4. Durable – As mentioned, the product that we are offering is engineered in a way that it provides maximum durability during both natural and man-made conditions like dust, wind, snow, and power outages and voltage fluctuations. It also does not require much maintenance and periodic repairs and services.
  5. Motion Sensors – Our security cameras come with inbuilt motion detectors. So as soon as any activity – be it a minor or a severe movement, it will get detected by these cameras to ensure your awareness about the insurgency.
  6. Remote Access – The best part about these live camera viewers is the ease of their accessibility. You do not need to sit at a place and monitor the activities, rather you can utilise the technology that comes along with them and access the recording even from your phone.
  7. Installation – We provide the best-in-class installation service to our clients. You just need to place the order and our technicians will do the rest of the process starting right from installation to functionality.


Our wide angle security cameras have a plethora of applications. Not just in domestic use, but apart from them they can be used at several other places.

  1. Warehouses, showrooms and other large scale industrial facilities.
  2. Retail stores and shopping malls.
  3. Parking lots, garages, and other public places.
  4. Entrance of a society or terrace.
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All the applications depend on the area, but with our multi-functional and high quality live camera viewers you get the best live footage and recording for surveillance purposes.


If you are looking for the best live camera viewers or the best wide angle security cameras, you are viewing one of the best websites to get these from. We, at are highly committed to providing our customers with a sense of extra security and safety.

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