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AI Security Cameras

Solar AI Security Cameras

At, we aim at providing the best AI powered security cameras for an additional sense of control to our clients. As the global scenario is moving more and more towards a more AI-dependent generation, it is mandatory to utilise the technologies and benefits that AI has to offer. It is for these reasons that we have figured out a way to integrate AI and security surveillance systems.

Some Features

Let us look at some of the best features our AI security camera –

  1. AI powered motion detectors – Some cameras fail to detect slight motions resulting in the total failure overall as surveillance methods. But, our product comes with an in-built AI powered intrusion detector which eliminates any kind of loophole in surveillance systems.
  2. Facial Recognition – Take advantage of the comfort of personalised assurance with facial recognition tools. Authorised people can be recognised, but unidentified or unauthorised people can automatically activate alerts. Continuous Live Streaming: Through our encrypted mobile app or web interface, you may monitor real-time video broadcasts from any location around the world. Always maintain a connection to your property.
  3. Night Vision – The best of the security systems fail when they are not able to provide security during dark hours. Our light security camera’s advanced infrared technology allows them to provide crystal-clear clarity even in low light or total darkness, thus, eliminating the danger of any kind of breach in the safety.
  4. Two-Way Audio: Increase the interactivity of your security system by talking to guests, staff members, or family members with the built-in speakers and microphones. This is also beneficial if you want to hear the audio and not just see the video recording. Our security lights with cameras allow best in class videos and audios.we offer best solar camera for apartment security systems.
  5. Design for Weather Resistance: Our cameras are made to resist a range of weather conditions, assuring dependable operation in both rain and shine. Even our solar panel security cameras come with such a facility through which it becomes extremely easy and convenient for you to access security cameras during extreme weather conditions like rain, dust, fog, snow, etc.
  6. Storage and backup – Most of the time, many security cameras are unable to function owing to the fact that the inbuilt memory gets full. But our AI security cameras come with tons of storage and backup. You have a variety of options for video preservation and retrieval by securely storing video content in the online sphere or on a local backup device. is dedicated to providing nothing but the best to its clients. It is for this reason that we prefer quality over quantity. The quality of all our products beats the rest of our competitors’ market because of the cutting-edge technology that we use in our equipment.

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