Get Solar AI Camera Trailer including all hardware, software and unlimited data for $1,500 as a Monthly Rental.

Solar-powered camera solutions for manufacturers & factories in the USA

$4.3 MM is Stolen Yearly From Factory Sites

Factories get shut down if important components get stolen

How Security Impacts Downtime

When access to manufacturing facilities is managed, theft and vandalism are reduced. Know who is on property and if they are authorized to be there.

Perimeter Security

Monitor your property and access points for unauthorized entries to protect your property

Critical Assets & Equipment Security

Protect critical asset equipment from theft or parts stolen, avoiding unplanned downtime

Raw Materials Security

Protect production line raw materials from theft, avoiding unplanned downtime

Inventory Management Security

Monitor your inventory storage areas for unauthorized activity to guard against theft

Downtime Security

Keep vandals from causing costly downtime in repairs and achieve peace of mind through real-time visualization

Increase Efficiency Through Improved Security

Supply chain efficiencies, better inventory management, and reduced downtime can all be gained through proactive security measures. Your supply chain uptime depends on parts on hand, ready for use, be it in maintenance or raw materials. By visually securing your perimeters, work areas and inventory storage, security can reduce your unplanned downtime. Security can help mitigate common efficiency risks:

Security & Remote Surveillance

for Passenger Car Rental Lots

Video Analysis

Identify, evaluate, and escalate threats automatically with the help of artificial intelligence

Video Monitoring

Monitor security video continuously to prevent theft before it occurs 97% of the time

Audio and Video

Equip car rental lots with audible and visual deterrents - on new or existing equipment

Include video monitoring services in your rental car lot’s security solution to deter theft and vandalism. 

Solar Camera's Advanced Surveillance Solutions

Empowering rental car lots with comprehensive security options, bridging security gaps.

AI-powered Surveillance

Identify threats, notify authorities as needed.

Audible Warning System

Alert intruders, contact authorities instantly.

Camera Health Monitoring

Detect issues, analyze trends, and provide alerts.

Dedicated Mobile App

Access monitoring stats, live feeds, and control settings.

Smart Search Capabilities

Quickly find footage based on keywords.

Cloud-Based Surveillance

Secure data access, minimize storage limitations.

Visual Deterrents

Activate bright lights to deter intruders effectively.

Machine Learning Integration

Enhance security accuracy with intelligent video analysis.

Virtual Guard Support

Utilize remote personnel to review AI triggers.

View and Monitor Remote Facilities:

Manufacturing Managers want to know their people, and parts, for every stage of manufacturing process. Not just use inside camera system, but also you can use outdoor Solar powered Camera Trailer to monitor their people, when employees come to parking lot, when they walk into the factory, what employees doing during the working hours, when the inventory shipping arrived, and when the finished products are going out. AI powered Solar Camera Trailer can provide real time Live View video, and Play Back video, searching for People, Color of Clothing, Time, Vehicle Brand, Color of Vehicle, Type of Vehicle. Manager can view all directions, all the facilities at the same time, from web base and app base camera software system, you can even talk to specific employee, via speaker. When manager wants to award or fire employees, the manager can capture video footage, reviewed with management, identify areas of improvement, ensure the compliance.


Audit Operation of Manufacturing:

AI Powered Solar Camera Trailer can improve manufacturing process. As a manager in the factory, you want the efficiency, and best execution. Using AI Camera Video Analytics to record and count your inventory and finished good, a Machine Learning is better than the human’s eyes. Having AI Powered Solar Camera Trailer watching over your factory and manufacturing process 24/7, you can compare each shift, each group’s performance and safety. In addition, you can use camera system to manage all the locations, in the different time zone, provide Just-in-Time manufacturing process and inventory control.


Prevent Time Card Cheating

Prevent lazy workers, prevent employee sleeping inside or outside factory, wasting time and money

Prevent employee stealing inventory and finished product

Manage Employee Productivity

Count inventory and finished products

Improve work environment, Prevent workplace hazards, such as falls, slips, trips and hit by equipment

Evaluation of production volume and process

Monitor Inventory Levels: With a clear and direct view of inventory, suppliers know exactly when materials are low and new shipments need to be made.

Protect your business from liability claims


Using footage for training, improvement, demo for investors

Emmediately notify law enforment for any illegal activity, with the proof of videos

Maintain confidence and trust in employer

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