Solar Surveillance Camera Trailer

Since 2008, King Solarman manufactures cutting edge, high-tech solar video surveillance equipment with the latest technology in lithium battery, solar power generation system, Network, Wifi, Data, LEDs and apply all kinds of the camera system in 5, 12, 24 or 48 Volts (DC) and 110 & 240 Volts (AC).

We let our clients have an event-based video monitoring, Drone, Radar solutions, Video analytics, Time-Lapse and Archiving services all enhanced using via Solar Camera Trailer manufactured in our factories located in 1261 S. Grove Ave. Ontario CA and 48949 Milmont Dr. Fremont, CA 94538

Camera Features

High Resolution video

Stream 1080 High Resolution video

Remote Streaming

4G LTE or Point to Point Wi-Fi, Unique connectivity technology provides wireless Live Video streaming from anywhere

Night Vision Technology

300 feet Night Vision with targeted infrared lighting

PTZ Camera with 30x Zoom

PTZ Camera with 360-degree full pan, tilt, and 30x optical zoom functionality

Rugged Camera Housing

Climate-controlled camera housing

Live Stream on Mobile and PC

Stream live feeds from cameras on your PC or Smartphone from anywhere in the world.

Easy access to historic camera footage

Optional online image archival for easy access to historic camera footage from hard drive

GPS tracking

Equipped with a GPS Tracking System to prevent theft using a smartphone for viewing and monitoring.

Alternative Power Options

If it’s raining/snowing for over 2 weeks straight, our Solar Camera Trailer can be charged by 110V power outlet or generator

Other Features

Turbo Charge

1300W high-efficiency Solar Panels charge batteries quicker than ever

Bright Light

51,200 lumens of light helps to illuminate larger area

Bigger Battery

10/20 kWh Lithium battery system provide longer backup

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring of charging & discharging through a mobile app

Made in USA

Proudly made in U.S.A

Silent operation

Silent operation with no messy and harmful fumes

GPS Tracking System

Equipped with GPS Tracking System to prevent theft using a mobile app

Long Working Hours

30-60 hours of bright backup with battery management system

Weather Resistant

Trailers built to withstand extreme weather conditions

Surveillance Videos

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